2015 CTI Report to Ministers

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2015 CTI Report to Ministers

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November 2015

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Committees, Committee on Trade and Investment(CTI)





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The CTI Annual Report to Ministers for 2015 outlines the Committee’s accomplishments and
recommendations in the key priority areas of APEC’s Trade and Investment Liberalization and
Facilitation (TILF) agenda in support of APEC’s 2015 priorities under the theme of “Building Inclusive
Economies, Building a Better World”.

Individual Files

  • Appendix 1 Mechanism for drafting and editing of the Collective Strategic Study on Issues Related to Download
  • Appendix 10 The Study on Policies Affecting Trade in Healthcare Products in APEC Executive Summary Download
  • Appendix 11 Progress of APEC economies in implementing the 2012 Leaders commitment to reduce applied Download
  • Appendix 12 Addendum to the Capacity Building Plan to improve Supply Chain Performance Download
  • Appendix 13 Progress Report on Asia-Pacific Model E-Port Network Download
  • Appendix 14 Progress Report on the APEC Cooperation Network on Green Supply Chain Download
  • Appendix 15 LSIF Letter to Ministers and Leaders Download
  • Appendix 16 Collective Action Plans Download
  • Appendix 17 APECGlobal Health Security Agenda GHSA Framework for Strengthening Infection Prevention Download
  • Appendix 2 APEC Guidebook on Resilience of Global Value Chains GVCs to Natural Disasters Download
  • Appendix 3 Manufacturing related Services Action Plan MSAP Download
  • Appendix 4 Governments Role in Promoting Effective Advertising Standards Principles Download
  • Appendix 5 APEC Road Map for Electric Vehicles Download
  • Appendix 6 Progress of APEC economies in notifying acceptance of the WTO Agreement on Trade Facilita Download
  • Appendix 7 Progress Report on implementation of the Beijing Roadmap for APECs contribution to the Re Download
  • Appendix 8 Summary report of the seminar on the Collective Strategic Study on Issues Related to the Download
  • Appendix 9 Progress Report on Implementation of the APEC Strategic Blueprint for Promoting Global Va Download